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“A gateway to hope and support, where family, medical and social communities converge.”

Although we specialize in serving families affected by Arthrogryposis and other less-publicized physical disabilities, we encourage the utilization of our services by those affected by any type of physical disability, as the benefits of many of our activities are not disability specific.

Our Vision:

Kya’s Krusade aspires to be a nationally recognized organization, committed to increasing awareness and the range of available resources dedicated to Arthrogryposis and other less-publicized physical disabilities.

     Kya’s Krusade, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, as defined by the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.  It was organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes as defined in IRC section 501 (c)(3).  Kya’s Krusade filed IRS Form 990-N for the tax year ended December 31, 2007.

 Our Open Community Philosophy 
      Kya’s Krusade is and will remain an open organization.  There are no fees to become part of our community, through either the utilization of our services or joining our resource network.  All programs and services are free of charge, but donations and sponsorship are welcome.  Our philosophical and operational approach stems from our belief in the power of collective collaboration from family, medical and social communities to bring about optimal growth, development and greater accessibility to resource options  for the children and families we serve.   We anticipate the development of innovative activities and initiatives to meet and exceed the changing needs of our client, network and support bases.

 Our Values and Operating Principals:

  • Advocate compassion, awareness and the expansion of available resources for children with disabilities
  • Design and implement activities and programs that anticipate and exceed the needs of our clients
  • Deliver excellent and personalized client service with empathy, accuracy and punctuality
  • Establish a cooperative, community network of healthcare providers, families, and other parties, who are interested in helping Kya’s Krusade achieve its mission and facilitate our growth
  • Institute practices and standards that are ethical, fiscally responsible and preserve the integrity of the organization
  • Foster an environment of sustained growth, innovation and leadership that exemplifies our mission

Our Mission

Kya’s Krusade is a comprehensive resource center, serving children and families affected by physical disabilities, specializing in Arthrogryposis and other less publicized physical disabilities. We offer education and assistance for children from diagnosis through 18 years of age. We strive to form a diverse community network and provide opportunities to enable equal access to all available informational, emotional, medical and financial sources of support