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MultiDesks – wheelchair desks

Rifton wheel chair desk.jpg

Our totally adjustable wheelchair desks come in two sizes of table top, two models: flat and tilt-top, and three adjustable leg lengths, so you can select the size and model that matches your needs and budget. You can adjust the wheelchair desk height without tools.

For product sizes, pricing and ordering information: http://www.rifton.com/products/sitting/multidesks/index.html 1-800-571-8198

Corner Floor Sitter Chairs

Rifton corner Chair.jpg

For the child who cannot sit up on his own, and who needs his shoulders and upper trunk supported, the Corner Floor Chair is the simplest way of seating a child at floor level. In this chair he is independent, with hands free for play, while maintaining optimal erect trunk alignment. When the chest strap is loosened, the child has limited movement, while remaining well secured. This encourages trunk strength, stability, and self-righting. Sitting at a 90 angle, with comfortable leg extension, children can join their peers on the level they like best – and you’ll be amazed how much more fun circle time is!

For product sizes, pricing and ordering information: http://www.rifton.com/products/sitting/cornerfloorsitter/index.html 1-800-571-8198

Pacer Gait Trainer


Rifton gait trainer.jpg

The Pacer is a comfortable, supportive Rifton gait trainer, which can be used either for an involved child or for a child who only needs minimal help with assisted walking. You can customize the support by choosing the appropriate prompts, all of which are designed to adapt to the changing needs of each child.

For product sizes, pricing and ordering information: 
http://www.rifton.com/products/mobility/pacergaittrainers/index.html 1-800-571-8198
Advancement Chairs

Rifton adv chair.jpg

For functional sitting a child needs to lean slightly forward from the hips. This frees shoulders, arms and hands for eating, writing and toileting or just simply communicating. Ideally a chair should encourage sitting skills while the child is participating in other activities. The Push Handle on the smallest Advancement Chair allows caregivers to move it comfortably. On all chairs, the prompts, straps and supports can be removed as new skills are achieved.

For product sizes, pricing and ordering information:                        http://www.rifton.com/products/sitting/advancementchair/index.html 1-800-571-8198

Our Mission

Kya’s Krusade is a comprehensive resource center, serving children and families affected by physical disabilities, specializing in Arthrogryposis and other less publicized physical disabilities. We offer education and assistance for children from diagnosis through 18 years of age. We strive to form a diverse community network and provide opportunities to enable equal access to all available informational, emotional, medical and financial sources of support