“Thank you so much! This was a wonderful experience for my boys. I so appreciate offering the classes to siblings. So often siblings get lost in the shuffle of school, doctor appointments, therapy sessions, etc. I think it also helps Aiden feel more comfortable in class to have Brady be here. It also helps to have another way for Aiden to experience his environment, especially something that doesn’t seem like therapy. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!    –Chandra Kociia-Leggett (Art Therapy Program)

Dear Kya’s Krusade,
I would just like to take this opportunity once again to say thank you, so much, for all you have done for my son. As with most 17 year old boys, his pick-up is his pride and joy. It was a dream-come-true for him to finally have his own wheels and all the freedom which comes with that. The lift Kya’s Krusade purchased for his truck made his dream a reality.  As a result, he can now easily drive himself to school, go run my errands for me, and he’s even been known to go pick up the occasional girl. He loves the fact that he can now tell me he’s going to go pick up a friend, will be riding around, and will be back by 11:30.  I also like knowing he does not have to sit around in his truck, unable to get out and walk a girl to the door, or come in to pick her up. He hates what he feels is putting his friends out, when they have to help him in and out and get out his wheelchair, but this gives him a new sense of independence knowing he can do it all himself. I cannot even begin to fully explain the blessing Clay has received with the funding and kindness of Kya’s Krusade. Thank you, and I sincerely hope that other children and teens can experience the fun, happiness, and independence in the same way my son has with the help of this organization.
Thank you and God bless you,
Lisa Braddock
Mother of Clay Hinton
(Financial Assistance Program)

Our Mission

Kya’s Krusade is a comprehensive resource center, serving children and families affected by physical disabilities, specializing in Arthrogryposis and other less publicized physical disabilities. We offer education and assistance for children from diagnosis through 18 years of age. We strive to form a diverse community network and provide opportunities to enable equal access to all available informational, emotional, medical and financial sources of support