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Social Service Resources


The Benefits for Children With Disabilities On-line Electronic Booklet provides information about the various Social Security Programs and benefits for which your child may be eligible.


The Supplemental Security Income home page of the Social Security Administration and provides information about eligibility and obtaining social security benefits.


The Franklin County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities (MRDD) is a county agency providing supports to children and adults with disabilities, who are residents of Franklin County, Ohio.


Ohio Legal Rights Service is the protection and advocacy agency for adults and children with disabilities in Ohio.


The information contained on this site is for general information only and should not be used as a substitution for medical, emotional, legal or financial counsel or advice. These are presented as resource options and do not constitute a referral or endorsement by Kya’s Krusade.

Our Mission

Kya’s Krusade is a comprehensive resource center, serving children and families affected by physical disabilities, specializing in Arthrogryposis and other less publicized physical disabilities. We offer education and assistance for children from diagnosis through 18 years of age. We strive to form a diverse community network and provide opportunities to enable equal access to all available informational, emotional, medical and financial sources of support